14.01.2012 - 28.02.2012

Talk on 17 February 2012, 7 p.m.
with Raphael Bottazzini and Bruno Steiner at Schwarzwaldallee, Basel

In cooperation with the Schwarzwaldallee

Press Release

The project opens with the intervention Human Space by Raphael Bottazzini (CH, *1979). In addition, the intervention Human Space is complemented by two events in physical space. The opening event as well as the talk takes place in the off-space Schwarzwaldallee.

With his intervention Raphael Bottazzini questions – on the website – how different cultures and groups within our hybrid society relate to each other. He focuses in particular on the tensions generated by the layering of different cultures in the present world order. In his observations, he gives the role of the individual a central position. Bottazzini takes the idea that we are all products of social developments as an occasion to develop a premise that makes the viewers of the exhibition aware of their own role in society.

The premise staged here by Raphael Bottazzini refers to the medium of the panorama, which originated in the 18th century. With this, he develops a series of images which unfold as a cylinder around the webcam. The virtual panorama which presents itself to the viewer shows a fragmentary construction of our world through which the reciprocal interdependencies between different cultures appear paradoxical. But the pictorial world which the artist constructs remains incomplete. As soon as viewers shift their view into a different area, they leave the pictorial world and find themselves in a private and public space.

Can we modify our personal cultural affiliations to our own society and develop strategies for alternative life choices? How can one articulate autonomous points of view in a formatted world and illustrate them? These questions form the basis of the intervention Human Space. In this sense, the project shows the picture of a social order in transition between what is familiar and what irritates.

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