Compared with earlier works by Marc Lee, The Value of the Present Moment is a rather stripped down webcam installation, which can only be accessed through the World Wide Web. It is about the spiritual moment of the present, which can be attained through meditation: real-time and meditation. In meditation, the meditating person enters the moment of the present. He or she becomes, so to speak, one with the world in the spiritual moment of being-in-the-present. This conscious dwelling in the moment of the present as a state of enlightenment and transcendence of space and time refers to the hippie movement, known for its desire to achieve an anti-authoritarian and de-hierarchized world order and system of values, and for its affinity with nature and closeness to spirituality.

Essay by Dr. Shintaro Miyazaki is related to Marc Lees The Value of the Present Moment. See Research for full text.

Post published on 23.06.2014.